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Maximize the impact of the #ConvenesReport report by showing your support on social media and with your contacts - and take action!

Whether you were a plenary attendee, speaker, roundtable member,  or are just now joining the Cochrane Convenes conversation, you can use the social media tools below to share information about the Cochrane Convenes Report with your networks.

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Sample Social Media Posts

  • Support the call to action on trusted #EvidenceforAll in health emergencies. https://convenes.cochrane.org/report
  • I'm part of the solution! The @CConvenes report is now out and I support the recommendations made - read about them here https://convenes.cochrane.org/report
  • Cochrane Convenes brought together key thought leaders from around the world to discuss #COVID19 evidence response & develop recommendations to help prepare & respond to future global #health emergencies.  @CConvenes report is now out!  https://convenes.cochrane.org/report

Share a Support Badge

When posting on social media, include a Support Badge! Let people know that you read the report, what calls to action you are taking forward, and invite your colleagues to join you! 

I support the call to action on trusted evidence for all  in health emergencies

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